Breathing the fullness of life

Touch infinity

"In the touch with Infintiy, we find peace. We find ourselves again, we heal and recreate our selves. Renewed we go back to the world."

Welcome to our new project: Touch Infinity

We are in the process of creating an exceptional place on an amazing location on the West coast of Lefkada.
We will host a variety of retreats, workshops, events and holidays.
Touch Infinity will be a center where you can do yoga/pilates, meditation, singing, dancing, writing, painting, hiking, windsurfing and so much more wonderful things. 
We can accommodate a group up to 26 peoples.

Who are we?

Geert Van Landuyt
Leave the planet more beautiful then you found it

Geert Van Landuyt

I am a mechanical engineer and have a company that produces parts for wind energy, railway, trucks, busses and earth moving equipment.
Over the years, my wife inspired me to do yoga and meditation. 
My daily TM meditation gives me a moment of total relaxation after a busy day.
During a tantra & mantra retreat in Corfu with Deva Premal and Miten, I had the idea to create a similar place to inspire people.

Veerle Wauters
Guiding people to their own source

Veerle Wauters

It is my joy to be your host in our new center.
My whole life was already inspired by the forces ‘beyond’ and so are my activities as a healer, in my yogaclasses, in the soundconcerts I give and in the trips I organise to Egypt.
All with one similar focus: guiding people to the place in themselves where we find peace. It is in this place that we receive insides and renewed energy and healing.
May Touch Infinity be such a place for you!

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