In the Eastern holidays, we visited our project in Lefkada and explored the island a bit more. It’s our pleasure to share about this.

Touch Infinity itself is located near the crystal clear sea.
What a pleasant surprise to find in less then 20 minutes driving the beautiful mountains of Englouni.
At a height of 900 meters, it offers a lot of beautiful hiking possibilities and breathtaking views.
Sea, forest and mountains, all within reach. What a privilege!

Regarding the works. Currently, we can see the first results of the retaining wall for stability and the workers started with the foundations of the buildings.
We met with some of the workers and invited them for dinner. Their positive spirit is an inspiration and gave us a warm feeling.
They explained us an important part of Greek culture “I help you and make you happy, you help me and make me happy”. Supporting each other and hospitality, we had the chance of experience this spirit with them and also with our neighbours.

The only thing that would made our experience even better, would have been a bit more sunshine…
However it is nice to be able to experience all the seasons! On the photo’s you can see how Greece is not always sunshine!